The methods for selling property and casualty insurance online have evolved. Your sales and marketing strategies will need to change. While some elements remain constant, a greater emphasis on digital marketing methods and resources is required to enhance your online property and casualty insurance sales.

Referrals are a critical component of every insurance agent’s sales approach. Finding a networking community will be critical for selling more insurance online. If your new contacts are used to dealing with you online, they may refer new leads to your website.

We’ll talk about strategies like this to help you sell property and casualty insurance online. Some of the following sectors have the potential to increase online sales:

  1. Enhancing SEO
  2. Investing in Online Advertising
  3. Participating in Online Networking Groups/Events
  4. Participating in Online Reviews
  5. Including Online Quote Capabilities

Increasing the likelihood that prospects will find your website is a terrific approach to sell more property and casualty insurance online. Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) will move you up in the rankings. More clients come to you on their own, eliminating the need for you to undertake as much outreach.

“The higher you rank on a search engine result page (SERP), the more likely prospects will discover you and click on to your site,” according to the Digital Marketing Institute.

You might attempt ranking for a phrase like “property and casualty policies in [X city]” to get more clients in your region. Maintaining blog entries with keywords might help fill out these efforts.

Working with an SEO professional and/or utilizing SEO software such as Ahrefs might also assist you in this area.


Online advertising may be an excellent approach to increase the number of property and liability insurance policies sold online. It does not necessitate a high level of danger. You may begin with a little budget by employing Facebook advertisements. Even a few bucks might assist demonstrate what works before investing more.

“Digital advertising allows you to be frugal with your money because many ad platforms allow you to change or re-allocate money as needed while the campaign is running,” explains The Karcher Group, a digital marketing agency.

You may target an audience for your business by using web advertisements. Offline advertisements throw a wide and unnecessary net. Online advertisements can target certain populations. Channels such as social media and search (for example, Google Ads) can assist in establishing a contact with clients. You can boost your chances of contacting folks who can afford property and liability insurance.

According to The Karcher Group, the amount of targeting accessible through internet advertisements can also assist “level the playing field.” Even if you have a new insurance business, you may be able to access the same prospect pool as those with several years of experience through various web marketing.


Another strategy is to participate in more online networking groups and events. It’s a long-term strategy. Building friendships patiently online may ultimately attract new acquaintances. This connection may drive them to your website in order to purchase a policy.

To meet other company owners, join a business organization with online events. They may now communicate with you via social media networks. They may not be able to buy from you right immediately, but it is an opportunity to start a dialogue. Your relationship will eventually pay off when they are seeking. Making your website the first place customers look for a quote.

  • Social media: Look for groups on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook that are linked to the sorts of clientele you serve. You may also consider joining insurance-specific organizations to expand your online contacts with other insurance professionals who may have a reference for you at some time. At the absolute least, you may assist each other learn how to sell property and casualty insurance online more effectively.
  • Local Business Groups: Look into what local chapters of business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce have to offer. You may also look for events and clubs in your region on websites like Eventbrite and Meetup. You may come across a combination of online and in-person events, which may be beneficial if you want to increase your local presence while still funneling leads to your online channels.
  • Industry Associations: Industry groups can also provide a mix of online and in-person events, as well as online learning tools, to help you learn how to sell property and casualty insurance online. The International Risk Management Institute maintains a comprehensive list of risk management and insurance sector associations. The American Property Casualty Insurance Association and the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research are two examples.


Online reviews are an excellent way to increase sales. Prospects will look for a company online and read reviews before making a decision. They might also look on a review site. If your listing is there and well-reviewed, it may lead to the purchase of an insurance.

Insurance agents should aim to become more involved in this sector. Claim your company’s listing on sites like Yelp and Google. You’ll almost certainly want to reply to any reviews, favorable or negative. According to a Google/Ipsos Connect research, responding to reviews makes firms appear 1.7X more trustworthy than businesses who do not reply.

“Not only does responding to reviews help establish trust, but it also allows you to personalize your brand, show consumers you care, and display professionalism,” Google writes.

Review links might be included on your website and email signature, for example. It may inspire more people to post reviews. You may also ask existing clients to rate you once they sign up for a new policy.



Insurance agents’ websites should have online quotation capabilities. Clients will find it easier to obtain coverage as a result of this. It might be disheartening for clients to have to go through procedures like filling out a contact form on your website and then waiting for you to phone or email back with policy information. Prospects may instantly produce bindable quotations from several carriers on their own using a platform like Wheelhouse connected onto your website.

As a result, rather than having to be at your desk 24/7, ready to reply with estimates for consumers, you may sell insurance online at any time. And providing prospects with online quotation capabilities may bring all of these other strategies together. By improving SEO, investing in advertisements, making more online connections, and gaining online reviews, you may produce more leads who will subsequently visit your website and become customers by developing bindable policies.

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