Job Openings, Admissions, and Tuition Waivers at Edmonds Community College

Edmonds Community College is situated in Lynnwood Washington. It was laid out 1967 and offers endorsement or degree in its different projects. The grounds in Lynwood is more than 50 section of land and has 28 PC labs, 9 science labs, 3 diners, 2 nurseries, a computerized recording studio, a workmanship display, a theater, a kid care focus and a rec center.

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Not at all like different colleges that offer just declarations and degrees for every one of its projects, in 2017, the college was endorsed to offer a Lone wolf of Applied science certification in Kid youth and Family studies. Which is its most memorable Four year certification program. A portion of the projects in the college incorporates Bookkeeping, United Wellbeing Training, Science, Business, Science, Software engineering, Culinary Expressions, and so on.

The college is authorize by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and administered by the Washington State Leading group of Community and Specialized College. With a basic belief of scholarly greatness, understudy achievement, and community commitment. There’s no question about the devotion go the college towards the outcome of its students.

With an expected tuition of $4,107, Edmonds Community College is reasonable to both low pay workers and working class families.

Why choose Edmonds community college?

The following are a portion of the motivation behind why Edmonds community college ought to top your decisions of community colleges in Washington;

  1. Reasonableness of tuition; tuition at Edmonds College is somewhat low when contrasted with other community colleges. With just $4,107 yearly, low pay workers and, center families can undoubtedly bear the cost of it.
  2. Exceptional grounds; with 28 PC labs, 9 science labs, 3 restaurants, 2 nurseries, a computerized recording studio, a craftsmanship display, a theater, a kid care focus and a rec center, the grounds has prevailed with regards to giving fundamental necessities very close to home.
  3. High exchange rate: with an exchange pace of 36%, the college becomes ideal for students who are looking for university enlistment after the 2-year course. Concurring a report in Seattle Times, community college student from another school at Washington’s universities are bound to complete their Four year certification when contrasted and different schools.
  4. Undeniable level labor force preparing and prompt expertise procurement; measurements shows that the college has a 46% labor force preparing and 11% quick securing abilities. This basically implies that the college is exceptional to trains its students with every one of the assets available to its.
  5. Diminished tuition for veterans and veterans’ wards: the college is expected to defer tuition for the kid, companion, or homegrown accomplice of a veteran or public watchman who was crippled in, not entirely set in stone by the gatekeeper to be a captive, or lost his life in deployment ready,

 Requirements for Waiver of Tuition/Fee

  • An incapacity letter endorsed by the govt.
  • Marriage endorsement.
  • Birth endorsement of ward.
  • Administration individuals passing certificated (if the veteran kicked the bucket in dynamic help)

Edmonds Community College Admission requirements

  • Transcripts: high school experience is not required, however may get credit for classes already taken. Official transcripts for every academic year completed will be submitted to the school. If the transcript is not in English, a translated copy will be submitted
  • English proficiency requirements: students are given assessment on English to know the particular class to place them.
  • Graduation requirements: to complete the high school programs, students will be required to pass classes and take the necessary exams required. Successful students will be given a high school diploma that meets the requirement of Washington’s state.
  • Students who can provide the following official scores will be guaranteed to enter the high school program during their first quarter at Edmonds College.
  • International TOEFL 480 PBT, 54 IBT, 157 CBT
  • Edmonds College Institutional TOEFL 480
  • IELTS Overall Band Score of 5.0 with at least 5.0 in each band
  • ITEP Level 4

Edmonds Community College Admission Requirement for International Students

With 1215 global students from 64 nations, there’s no question about Edmonds comprehensive nature of outsiders. Notwithstanding, a few necessities are required for admission into the college and they include:

Least age necessity: Candidate should be somewhere around 16 years. In any case, candidates who are 15years and have finished secondary school or its identical can be conceded

English capability; an English capability test score isn’t needed for admission.

Application structure can be filled on Edmonds community college site

Edmond Community College Materials

Material is the Learning The executives Framework (LMS) utilized at Edmonds community College for on the web, half breed, and web upgraded classes. Material is utilized for tasks, really looking at grades, understudy cooperation, and more. Material is the computerized study hall at Edmonds College. Material is an electronic learning the board framework (LMS) furnishing educators with an adaptable arrangement of instruments for overseeing course material, tasks, understudy data and distributing course correspondences.

Edmond Community College jobs

Accessible employment opportunities in Edmonds Community College include:

  • Campus Security Officer
  • Custodian – Part Time Hourly
  • Executive Assistant to the VP for Finance & Operations
  • Family Advocate (Head Start & ECEAP)
  • Foundation – Director of Finance
  • HR Consultant 1
  • Associate faculty in various departments
  • Part Time Program Assistant – Enrollment Services
  • Maintenance and Custodial Coordinator – Housing and Residence Life
  • Line Cook – Part Time

Edmond Community College Scholarships

Scholarships are proposed to 3 arrangements of students as tuition waiver. The scholarships are:

  • New Understudy College or Secondary School Scholarship ($1,000); The new understudy scholarship is pertinent to initially time students in Edmonds. Candidates should present an informal record of their last school in English language appearing something like one term go grades with a base 3.3GPA. they don’t acknowledge test scores for example TOEFL or IGSCE.
  • Concentrated ESL to College or Secondary School Scholarship ($300) For the escalated ESL to college or secondary school scholarship, candidates probably finished level 5of the IESL program and planning to move to a college or high Scholl program. The following are the prerequisites for qualification for this scholarship:
  1. Records showing serious ESL grades
  2. A duplicate of your group enlistment plan showing at least 12 credits
  3. At least 3.5GPA
  • College or Secondary School Legitimacy Scholarship ($300) For college or secondary school merit scholarship candidates should be signed up for a secondary everyday schedule course. Prerequisites are;
  1. Accommodation of Edmonds informal records
  2. A grade at least 3.5GPA
  3. Current duplicate of their enlistment plan showing at least 12 credit

All records should show the students name and SID number for qualification

To be qualified for the scholarship, you should be a global understudy with a f1/f2 visa

Scholarships are applied for on the school official site. Try to finish up the scholarship that concerns you.

Frequently asked questions

How far is Edmond Oklahoma from Oklahoma City community college

30 min (22.5 mi) via I-44 E and US-77 N

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