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Why Do I Reject Those Who Love Me?

For what reason Do I Push Away Individuals Who Love Me

You can hardly comprehend the conceivable motivation behind why you unexpectedly quit adoring individuals. It’s often hard to get along with other people. Unfortunately, these are frequently people who have shown affection for you.

You are not entirely trying to drive them away. But the idea of keeping them close to you is impossible to resist. Your attitude aims to keep them at arm’s length, no matter how hard you try.

This is a mental and profound issue. People who have experienced heartbreak in the past often find it peculiar. They find it extremely challenging to allow trust and love a subsequent opportunity. They end up with the question over time; Why do I turn my back on those who love me?

You shouldn’t feel bad about turning people away who have shown an interest in you. It is now and then a compulsory demonstration, created after series of heartbreaks and disloyalties.

Because you have been through this psychological trauma, it might be hard for you to figure out exactly why you turn people away who love you. In this article, we’d assist you with uncovering the reasons.

Why do I push away people who love me

5 Motivations behind why you drive away individuals who love you

Past disaster

Since your past relationship broke all of a sudden, you unconsciously made a limit. Many people who have experienced heartbreak in the past frequently go through something like this. It’s possible that in your previous relationship, you gave it your all.

To keep the relationship going, you gave up a lot. You passed on your inclinations to satisfy the interest of your accomplice. With him, you imagined a brighter future. Additionally, you probably worked with him to plan your career.

Sadly, they astonished you by tapping out. The agony and loneliness were too much for you to bear. Subsequent to going through such horrendous injury, you made a wall against adoration. When someone shows interest in you, you immediately think of your ex-partner. This would immediately bring about attitudes that would drive them away from him.


It is never a person’s intention to be betrayed. The experience is frequently traumatizing and causes lingering mistrust of others. All the more agonizingly, disloyalty comes from individuals you’d trusted to such an extent.

Individuals you trusted in. At the point when disloyalty occurs, one turns out to be a lot of wary of companions. Rather than inclining nearer to individuals who love you, you discreetly incline farther away from them. The lie of an enemy starts to sound more reasonable, than the bits of insight of a companion.

You turn away from people you love because of the lingering effects of betrayal. You mind is most likely not prepared to experience another treachery. As a result, you become wary of your loved ones.

Low self-esteem

A person’s lack of self-esteem has been a major obstacle to their personal growth. It puts an imaginary line between your thoughts and the world around you. It’s hard for you to imagine yourself in a better situation or reality.

Your options are severely reduced to the less desirable ones. The mind becomes wary of lovely things like true love. You have a propensity to turn people away who love you as a result. Your mind has convinced you that you only deserve the ugliest treatment.

You have a hard time believing that you are worthy of love because you have low self-esteem. Rather than responding the affection from others, you make limits. Also, retreat extremely far away from them.

One’s isolation and personal growth are hampered by low self-esteem. Assuming your confidence is extremely low, you’d barely trust in adoration. You believe you are not deserving of good things.

You need to deal with your confidence. See yourself as the most ideal choice, somebody who merits the best. You must value your personality in spite of possible limitations like deformity, poverty, and other factors.


Overconfidence is harmful to self-development in the same way that low self-esteem is harmful to self-development. It forestalls somebody to have a grasp on the real world and pursue the best decisions when fundamental. Pomposity is the immediate inverse of low confidence. Overconfidence raises personal worth where low self-esteem lowers it.

With arrogance, you won’t know when you’d make your limits so high. so high that letting in some people, particularly those who truly love you, would be difficult. You’d start to think of yourself as worthless.

The inclination that you merit somebody better starts to darken you. With time, you float farther separated from the real world.

You begin to experience trust issues as your confidence grows. It gets harder to believe those who say they love you.


Your fantasies are another factor in your decision to distance yourself from loved ones. There are parallel lines between fantasy and reality. One is the result of fantasy and fairy tales, while the other is heavily influenced by our everyday lives.

In any case, the two have a significant impact on how we view other people. The last option would permit you to see things as they are while the previous would create a shaded area over your discernment.

Clearly, fantasies have compelled people to make poor decisions. People settle for the worst when they attempt to imitate their fantasies or fairy tales.

In your quest to fulfill your fantasies, you may disregard those who truly love you and pursue those who appear to offer a solution.

Signs Somebody Is Driving You Away

As we continued looking for affection, we’d conceivably wound up in a circumstance where we’re scorned by those we really love. You wouldn’t be able to tell when you’re being rejected because you’re in love. However, if you feel like you are being pushed away by someone, here are a few warning signs to look out for.

  1. He or she is always making excuses. Pardons are extremely near their lips. They have a justification for declining a date with you. They have a reason for not accepting your calls. They have a reason why they are unable to respond to your texts. They have a reason to forget your birthdays. You can rest assured that they are attempting to drive you away when you begin to see them wade through this river of interminable justifications.
  2. They demand a great deal. They would exaggerate their demands in an effort to drive you away. They find it exceptionally advantageous to set over the edge expectations.
    They find it increasingly challenging to introduce you to their friends and family. They do everything in their power to maintain a casual relationship.
  3. The individual avoids you as much as they can. They would have a very hard time keeping you around. They look for any excuse to fire you.

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What To Do When Somebody You Love Drives You Away

It very well may be intensely difficult to see that somebody you really love, isn’t prepared to respond. The devastation. The dissatisfaction

Inescapable sensation of gloom. The lingering effects of being pushed away by someone you love are accompanied by a slight sense of emptiness. To get back on track, you need to take a few proactive steps.

  • First things first, you should talk to their closest friends. These are individuals who are very close to them and could easily reveal their anxieties and interests. Clarify everything for them and let them in on why you ought to be allowed an opportunity.
  • Try to comprehend the primary reason you are being pushed aside. Furthermore, work on them. Let them know that you won’t intimidate them if they are shoving you away due to low self-esteem.
  • Get yourself together and investigate. On the off chance that your endeavors hit a stopping point, you need to get yourself and attempt another spot.

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